Support Staff

$ 69
  • This option is not available in your state.

Doctor Zalzala

$ 99
  • Book a consultation directly with Dr Zalzala.

What is the difference between a consultation with Dr Zalzala or his assistant?

Dr Zalzala personally trains his assistants and staff to collect the appropriate information and answer commonly encountered questions. If there is a question the staff cannot answer, they will consult with Dr Zalzala and get back to you by email, or sometimes phone or video depending on state regulations. Either way, the end result is the same – a prescription for LDN faxed to the compounding pharmacy of your choice (if deemed appropriate).

Note: The term “assistant” or “staff” is not be confused with medical assistant, physician assistant, nurse, or nurse practitioner – and are not licensed medical professionals. Dr Zalzala has delegated his assistants and staff to collect information, answer commonly encountered questions, and coordinate patient care.