In order to accommodate a larger volume of patients, we are introducing the ability to request refills by emails.

You are eligible to renew by EMAIL only if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You have spoken to Dr Zalzala (or his assistant/staff) by phone or video for an initial consultation
  2. You do not have any major concerns or experienced major side effects

If you meet the above qualifications, follow these instructions:

  1. Pay for the refill request by going to this link (copy and paste if needed):

  1. Send an email to Dr Zalzala at and include ALL the following information:
    1. Name, Date of Birth, Address, Phone number
    2. Date of phone/video consultation with Dr Zalzala (or assistant)
    3. Date of last refill request (if different than b)
    4. Current dose of LDN and how you’re taking it (night, day, etc..)
    5. Requested dose of LDN (for example, if you are taking 3×1.5mg you can request 1×4.5mg tablet)
    6. Dosage form of LDN (capsules, tablets, liquid, etc…)
    7. When did you first start taking LDN with Dr Zalzala and how did you get to your current dose?
    8. What is the main purpose or diagnosis for taking LDN (example: Fibromyalgia)?
    9. How has LDN helped you (if at all) – please describe?
    10. Please describe any side effects, how long they lasted, and how you dealt with them
    11. Have you had any major changes to your health history or list of prescription medications since your last refill request?
    12. The name and fax number of the pharmacy
  1. Once we receive payment and the email with all the above requested information, a 6 month refill prescription will be generated and faxed to the pharmacy.

If you do not meet the qualifications, or would like to speak to Dr Zalzala anyway, please use the standard booking option:

Booking Options