Patients Say

“LDN has made functioning better. My joint pain is gone, my butterfly rash is gone, I have more energy, more stamina, I can think clearer, and I sleep better. I went from needing half a day to recover from a shower to working a full time job and fully functioning as a single mother. Life altering doesn’t begin to cover it.”
In Ohio
“LDN has improved my mood, physical activity, alertness, and reduced my pain levels.”
In Indiana
“I am doing great with this program. I feel more alert the morning after when I take it. My body is not as achy. I notice I have much less sciatica pain, head-aches, and mood swings when taking LDN.”
In Arizona
“LDN has increased my immune system. I feel I haven't gotten sick as frequently. My well-being and mood have also improved, and my psoriasis has cleared up.”
In Arizona
“LDN’s been my biggest help with MCAD since beginning treatment. It’s the first change that’s allowed me to get foods/supplements back and has significantly expanded my diet, which was previously limited to only a few ingredients. I think it’s also helped with recovery time after exposure to triggers and my gastroparesis, which hasn’t had as many significant episodes since beginning LDN.”
In Arizona
“LDN has helped me with chronic pain due to I believe my arthritis.”
In Ohio
“With each increase in my dose I felt an alleviation of a different symptom- first my fatigue went away, then my sleep greatly improved, my joint pain then turned into joint stiffness and then even then stiffness dissipated. I saw some other beneficial side effects as well- I no longer crave coffee, sugar, or refined carbohydrates, and an old shoulder injury I had rarely causes me trouble when working out anymore!”
In Oklahoma
“A very low dose works best for me, and it helps me to manage my anxiety, and I sleep better than I have in twenty years.”
In Oklahoma
"LDN has cut my joint pain in half, helped me lose weight, improved my memory (fibro fog), and made me feel like a happier person."
In Missouri
“I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia several years ago, and was interested in trying LDN for management of pain. I have not tried any other medications other than ibuprofen and Meloxicam, which were not very helpful. As directed, I titrated the dose of LDN starting with daily 1.5 mg, increasing every 2 weeks. After experimenting with dividing the dose morning and night, I found the best relief from pain and fatigue was with 6 mg twice per day.”
In Georgia
"LDN has dramatically decreased my son’s TPO antibodies as well as his high levels of TSH."
“LDN has reduced my overall fibromyalgia pain.”
In North Carolina
"I had a severe Pesticide Poisoning incident around 2011 and have never fully recovered. I have Hypothyroid issues, Adrenal, Mood and get ill easily ever since. LDN has significantly helped with all of these, easing or eliminating the many symptoms and reducing my dependence and need for other meds."
“LDN has totally lifted my clinical depression!”
"It has helped with pain levels associated with my fibromyalgia. Additionally, it has reduced the pain associated with peripheral neuropathy."
“Significantly improved my ability to sleep and easier not to gain weight.  I feel better overall.  I believe it has made me more resistant to catching colds my grandchildren can easily share with me.  I feel healthier.  Far less stress to me.”
"LDN has provided a huge improvement in pain, sleep and mood."
“I am taking it for RA, thyroid disease and general inflammation. I am so happy with my results! My pain is gone. Even my lifelong depression is GONE!”
"LDN works great for my fibromyalgia."
South Carolina